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The leader in the powder coating industry, Powder-X Coating Systems is your source for all of your powder coating equipment and training needs. If you have questions, or want information on our products and services, text "INFO" to 615-900-3274.

Powder-X will provide all the tools necessary to start your dream of owning your own powder coating business or adding to your existing business.

Joey Golliver explains the benefits and basics of Powder Coating. Joey also answers viewer questions on Powder Coating pretreatment. Welcome to Powder X Coating Systems, watch as Powder X Coating System's CEO Joey Golliver covers the must knows about powder coating. We will cover a variety of topics concerning powder coating. In this first episode, we'll go over the basics,- what is powder coating? And what are its advantages?. Make sure to check out our Links & Media page to stay up to date with the most current events in the powder coating industry.

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Attend one of the industry-best, hands-on training classes, led by Powder-X founder Joey Golliver.

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Looking to start a career in the powder coating industry? Look no further than the Powder-X batch systems packages.

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“I am very impressed with Powder-X and with Joey Golliver. Especially Joey’s down-to-earth, no-high-pressure sales demeanor. I would recommend them to anyone who asks.”  Leonard Smith, Hastings, Minn.

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I Want to Be a Powder Coater

Congratulations! You’ve decided to join the fastest growing segment in the finishing industry. With advances in technology, an ever-growing potential customer base, color choices galore, and information at your fingertips…..there’s no time like the present. Have you ever heard that a goal without action is simply a dream? Unfortunately for most, they simply don’t have the courage to take t... Read More »

May Powder Coating Class SPECIAL OFFER

I LOVE MAY!!    The flowers and trees that survived the darkness of winter are blooming and displaying their brilliant colors.  And why did they survive?  Because they had strong roots.  They had nourishment.  They are indicative of the cycle of life and business – only the strong survive. Sunshine puts us in a good mood around the office and we decided this morning to make a very spec... Read More »

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