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“There’s a reason Joey is considered the leading expert in powder coating.  He knows his stuff!… he has helped people make millions in the industry and I can see why.  This guy is the best, HANDS DOWN.  I can’t imagine powder coating without first speaking to Joey and his staff.   I learned more in a 5 minute phone conversation than in hours on the internet.  They saved me thousands of dollars and massive mistakes!”

– Austin I. of Nevada

“Best phone call I ever made.  The class is AMAZING!!  I learned things that are going to make me tens of thousands of dollars!”
– Richard R. of North Carolina


“Very Impressive! I appreciate having Joey personally teach the course. Overwhelming, however, has been extremely helpful. Knowledge is power!”
– Sharon R. of Connecticut

“Thank you for the experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I gained many insights and learned a lot about what I was doing wrong and I was doing correctly. It is always great to learn under someone with a vast amount of knowledge about the subject. Once again, thank you for sharing and teaching. I would recommend this class to anyone, starting or even already in the powder coating business.”
– Lee W. of South Carolina


“This class was full of important information to achieve the goals of a quality finish to any item. I would highly recommend this class to anybody who is getting into powder coating for the first time or experienced. This was well worth the time to understand the industry. Thanks!”
– David Wilcox of Virginia

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