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I Want to Be a Powder Coater

Congratulations! You’ve decided to join the fastest growing segment in the finishing industry. With advances in technology, an ever-growing potential customer base, color choices galore, and information at your fingertips…..there’s no time like the present. Have you ever heard that a goal without action is simply a dream? Without movement, you’re bound to get hit by the train. So congratulations on being part of the top 2%, the ones that don’t talk about it…they DO IT. But what steps do you need to take to get started? What it takes to get started powder coating really depends on w... Read More »

Looking Online At Prices For Powder Coating Equipment? NOT SO FAST….

Shopping for powder coating equipment is worse than shopping for a new car.  It seems like every day, someone new pops up with a slick website and a Super Bowl worthy marketing campaign.  “Tons of sizzle, but where is the steak?” as my Grandad used to say.  How can the average person determine who is reputable and who is trying to build discount equipment in their garage?  What sales and marketing tricks are the inferior companies using to keep themselves from being exposed? I’m asked all the time, ” Why does your company not post prices of your equipment online? I ... Read More »

The Secrets that Successful Powder Coaters Don’t Want Others to Know

  There’s an old saying in sales training that says,”The customer won’t always tell you everything”. It’s used to make a point to sales staff to learn to ask questions. In the world of powder coating, it seems that many at the top of the food chain have their own secrets. Although not a “rule” by any means, there seem to be a few commonalities amongst successful powder coaters. When talking about successful powder coaters, I’m not referring to the guy in his garage who is using baggies of scrap powder he found online with homemade equipment; I&... Read More »

Bringing Powder In House – Batch vs Auto System

Deciding to bring your powder coating in house is a big decision. Once you calculate your cost to apply powder in house versus what you’re paying, it often becomes a case not of something you “want” to do but of something that you “have” to do.  So, what happens when you get to that point?  Before you can begin the equipment quoting process, you have to determine if your needs are in Batch or in Automated powder equipment.  In order to answer that question, there are 4 things that you must consider first: SIZE DOES MATTER Part size plays a huge role in determin... Read More »


The first step when starting any business is going to be defining the end result:  Are you doing this as a hobby or as a true business?  What are your monthly sales goals?  There’s an old saying about not being able to make chicken salad out of….well, you know the rest.  The point is, you always begin a business by envisioning the end of the business.  What exactly does the end result look like to you? This end result will help you define the equipment and other products that you will need in order to reach your end goal.  For example, if your end goal is $20,000 + per month ... Read More »

Gas Oven or Electric Oven for Powder Coating ?

  The question often comes up about gas ovens versus electric ovens.  I’m updating an older post on how to powder coat concerning a question I received from a powder coating class student.   I thought it would be great to share here: “Hi Joey, i’ve been trying to figuring out a budget to start a new powder coating service of my own, i am stuck in the oven? i have no idea which are better or cheaper and even where to get them ( not on ebay, i’m in sydney). can you help? thanks”   First Things First/The Right Tool For the Job   It really depends on the size oven you w... Read More »

Chemical wash before powder coat? ABSOLUTELY

You gotta love the internet.  It only seems like a short time ago that getting information on a subject required pain staking research.  Reading books, devouring trade magazine, and speaking to industry experts.  Today, a simple web search will pull up pages and pages of information on any subject.  Bad thing is – misinformation is also abundant.  I wanted to take a moment and try clarify a few things on chemical pretreatment of a part. We clean for appearance (how does it look), adhesion (how well does it stick), and corrosion protection (how long will it last).  A common misstate... Read More »

Answer to a masking & recoating question

Another question from that might be of interest to some.  Even though the question date was 2012, it still holds true here: Question:  “I have a customer who wants motorcycle wheels masked and the inside done with a flat black, then he wants the whole wheel covered with a clear. I’ll do the black then remove the masking, here is my question, do I leave the black in for a couple of minutes to setup, remove the wheel, remove the masking (which can take five to ten minutes), then coat the clear then put it back in the oven. Or do I let the black fully cur... Read More »


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