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What is Powder Coating?

Since its introduction in North America almost 40 years ago, powder coating has become the fastest growing finishing technology, currently representing more than 15 percent of the total finishing market, according to the Powder Coating Institute (PCI).

More and more manufacturers for countless products have switched from liquid finishing to powder coating as a way to produce a high-quality and durable finish while maximizing production, cutting costs, improving efficiency, and complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


Powder coating is used on everything from kitchen and household appliances to outdoor furniture, large tractors, automobiles, lawn mowers and even fire extinguishers and furnaces.


Powder coating is:

  • Highly durable and long-lasting in a variety of environments
  • Difficult to scratch or chip
  • More environmentally friendly than liquid finishes
  • Applied in an efficient process, resulting in cost savings

In addition, powder coating cost about 30% less than liquid application.

Whether you want a fully automated conveyor system, a smaller batch powder coat system, or you just need a bigger curing oven, let the powder coating experts at Powder-X guide you through the process of getting started.


VIDEO: What is Powder Coating and why is it better than liquid