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One of the most undervalued pieces of equipment needed in a powder coating operation is the powder coating containment booth.

Powder coating booths are not converted wet paint booths. The difference between wet paint booths and powder coating booths is the distribution of the air.

Unlike liquid paint applications, powder coating contains no solvent or volatile organic compound (VOC ) emissions during the application, meaning that spray enclosure air can be filtered, then re-circulated back into the application room as opposed to being exhausted to the outside. This saves you thousands of dollars per year on environmental controls.

Proper design and manufacture of a powder coating booth is imperative for both code compliance as well as creating a quality finished product.

All Powder-X powder coating booths are designed to help you meet and exceed all code requirements. Constructed of 16-gauge galvanized metal, they are uniquely designed for increased durability and to reduce costs associated with installation and compliance.

Our three-stage spray-to-waste exhaust and filtration system is designed to exceed government specifications on high-efficiency commercial and industrial applications. Powder-X uses high-quality HEPA filtration, the same filtration used by most hospitals.

Because we only provide equipment that has been designed for code compliance, our spray booths are often recognized as the industry standard.


Fire/Safety Information:


Per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, spray booths using cartridge-type filtration and/or using automated spray guns must have fire detection. Because Powder-X spray enclosures fall under neither of these categories, fire detection devices are not included. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure of proper code interpretation for his/her specific area through the codes department and/or local fire marshal.

Powder-X spray booths are classified as a Class B appliance for application of non-combustible materials and meet all related national codes related to NFPA 33 15.6 (2) and national fire code. All electrical components including but not limited to motors, control panels (when applicable), light fixtures, and motor starters are all UL approved. In addition, all components also carry the much more stringent C-UL listing for Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval.

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