Powder Coating Oven

Powder coating ovens and their correct balance and operation are one of the most important aspects of creating a quality powder coating finish.

Prior to 2001, batch powder coating ovens existed almost exclusively with large manufacturing and testing agencies. Small to mid-sized businesses were unable to purchase an oven at an affordable cost. Powder-X was able to take the technology of those ovens and create a product that was affordable, yet maintains code compliance.

Powder-X is committed to maintaining our reputation as the leader of powder coating ovens by only offering a top-quality product at the best price and value available.

The heaters in Powder-X ovens use forced, cool, oxygen-rich fresh air for combustion rather than the oxygen-starved hot air typically used. This means our ovens reach operating temperature 400-percent faster than other ovens on the market.

Additional factors including burner placement, wall thickness, exhaust placement, plenum design, the use of variable frequency drives, and pressure calculations are important for cost and energy savings. In fact, research has shown that Powder-X ovens cost up to 90-percent less to operate per hour than other ovens on the market.

On-site startup is included at no additional cost with every oven to help you reach your best optimum oven performance settings based on altitude, air temperature and other environmental factors.

Powder-X supplies hundreds of ovens of all sizes as well as large curing ovens and drying ovens for automated systems.

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In 2013, Powder-X introduced the Oven Emperor Touch Screen Control System. This proprietary, state-of-the-art system learns the performance of the oven then anticipates and adjusts accordingly. This ensures that oven burners are operating at their peak efficiency every time through computerized controls.

The Oven Emperor Touch Screen Control System also takes oven diagnostics to a whole new level, offering the customer much more feedback on oven performance and troubleshooting on crucial parameters including, but not limited to:

  • High and/or low gas pressure
  • Exhaust air flow
  • Excessive oven temperature
  • Cycle time
  • Percentage of burner output capacity


Powder-X batch ovens are intended for use as a curing appliance for powder coating media applied to a metal substrate. Powder coating materials are not considered combustibles. Because these ovens are not designed for use with combustibles, authorities do not typically require fire suppression. However, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure of proper code interpretation for his/her specific area through the codes department and/or local fire marshal.

Batch ovens are classified as a Class B appliance for application of non-combustible materials and meet all related national codes related to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 33, NFPA 86, and national fire code. However, all electrical components including but not limited to burner components, safety devices, control panel components, flame monitoring devices and timers are all ETL or UL approved per NFPA standards. In addition, all components also carry the much more stringent C-UL listing for Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval.

Due to more stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations in regards to the Clean Air Act and emissions, as well as CSA and the California Air Resources Board, Powder-X uses burners and gas trains that are recognized as having lower NOx emissions than typical burners.

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