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Proper training in the techniques and regulations of powder coating is essential to the success of any new or experienced professional.

At Powder-X, we take training very seriously and offer the only hands-on training available in the industry.

Why Should You Attend Our Exclusive Training Course?

Powder-X training is unique because it is personally taught and coached by our owner and industry expert, Joey Golliver. Having been in the powder coating industry since 1986, Golliver’s knowledge and expertise is unmatched in the industry.  While others have sold equipment or consumables and call themselves trainers, Joey has actually done ALL of that as well as OWNED powder coating businesses.  He always says that he has “made mistakes that have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars”.  So who better to learn from than someone who has walked in your shoes, can show you how he became successful, and can help you avoid the mistakes that he made?

Each Powder-X training class extends over a Friday and a partial day on Saturday.

On Friday, all the BASICS are discussed. How does powder work, what makes it do what it does, how does the equipment really work, what are the misconceptions and misinformation that cost coaters THOUSANDS of dollars per month…..etc. You will also go learn much of the business side of operating and marketing your powder coating business from someone who has done over $50 million personally in the industry!!

Friday evening, Joey and his staff will be available during a Social Hour to speak with about your particular situation and to get answers to questions you may not have felt comfortable asking in a group setting.  Individual consulting with Mr. Golliver typically costs several thousands of dollars per day, but you get his time and attention on your situation as part of this course.
On Saturday morning, we put everything you’ve learned to work.  You will  take a part that you bring and take it thru each step, from cleaning to coating to curing.  This also gives you a great opportunity to watch others while all of you receive hands on hints and instrucction.

Let Powder-X help you open the door to success in your powder coating business.


January 19th and 20th, 2018

February 16th and 17th, 2018

March 23rd and 24th, 2018

April 27th and 28th, 2018





“Awesome experience! From the first introduction over the phone to the last day of training, these guys have been nothing but professionals with a lot of knowledge to share about the coating industry. Can’t thank them enough and look forward to building a great relationship with Joey and his staff in the future.”

Travis Glaze, Wet-N-Wild Watersports, Destin, Fla.

“Thank you for the experience. Everyone was extremely friendly & helpful. I gained many insights and learned a lot about what I was doing wrong and what I was doing correctly. It is always great to learn under someone with a vast amount of knowledge about the subject. Again, thank you for sharing & teaching. I would recommend this class to anyone starting or already in the powder coating business.”

R. Walters, Andrews S.C .

“This class is money well spent! You cannot put a price on quality education and hands-on experience. Powder-X is the real deal. I will definitely be prepared when our powder coating shop is up and running.”

Cole Allen, Phillips Pattern & Castings, Muncie, Ind.

“The training class was far more than I expected. You gave me insight and knowledge and took away all questions and fear I had starting a powder coating business. Thank you!”

James K. Hermes, Elmhurst, Ill.

“I was looking for a way out of 15 years in a foundry, and stumbled across powder coating. My curiosity was sparked. After research online, I decided to attend Powder-X training. It was a very informative and helpful class. Thus my adventure in powder coating began. The staff of Powder-X, especially Joey Golliver, was extremely knowledgeable of products they sold or recommended. They were up-front with everything from sales to setup. If they were unable to help you, they gave you the name and number of a person who could answer your questions. They recommended excellent companies to work with for the products you need to start your business. Powder-X is a very confident and trustworthy staff of people who care about making your business a success. I walked into this blind and having Joey Golliver as my lifeline was great. Whether it was water issues, waste management or equipment, he got me through everything. If not for his knowledge and expertise I would have been lost. I personally thank Joey and the Powder-X staff. I look forward to a successful business while working with only Powder-X. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting into the business.”

Jeff Maney, Statewide Custom Powder Coating Inc.

“Joey knows the material and knows how to present it. My goal in taking this class is to be able to open my own business. The information with the hands-on, in my opinion, is priceless. Joey is always willing to answer questions and show you.”

Kenton Shelton

“I found the class to be very well taught. We traveled a long way and found it to be well worth the trip.”

Don Perry

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