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Our powder coating equipment meets and exceeds all government code requirements. Our top-quality products are available at the best price and value in the market. We offer equipment packages with our batch ovens, only. These packages include all the equipment you’ll need to get started at a highly discounted rate. We at Powder-X are working for a better future by improving our equipment. In the hopes that we will help change your destiny and your family’s future. 

If you are looking to manufacture on a larger scale, I would look at our automatic powder coating system. While batch systems provide an opportunity to coat small volumes of parts, automated systems allow for much larger volumes with less labor.

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We DO NOT post our prices on our website for two reasons. Reason number one: Not one person needs the same equipment for the exact same size location. We do many customizations with ovens and booths for almost every customer.

The second reason is posting pricing online is a way companies hide the features and benefits of their product. Cheapest is almost always not better. If someone were selling milk outside your office for a nickel a gallon, would you drink it? Why not? Is it cheaper? OF COURSE, you wouldn’t, so why would you ever invest your family’s future into something just because it’s cheap? 

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More Information

We at Powder-X started manufacturing our own ovens as of 2020, so you are ultimately getting the best quality products. The top professionals in their fields designed and approved these ovens, including Joey Golliver. The quality and value at Powder-X are unparalleled.

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Batch Powder Coating System Packages

Basic PackageBASIC Package

If you’re looking to add entry-level powder coating capabilities to your business, this starting package includes a powder coating oven, containment booth, and application system.

Batch Ultra PackageULTRA Package

For those looking to take their powder coating to the next level, our mid-range promotion includes a powder coating oven, containment booth, application system … and adds a steam unit.

Batch Elite PackageELITE Package

Our most popular offering, this top-of-the-line package includes a powder coating oven, containment booth, application system, steam unit … and a blasting cabinet.

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