Answer to a masking & recoating question

Another question from that might be of interest to some.  Even though the question date was 2012, it still holds true here: Question:  “I have a customer who wants motorcycle wheels masked and the inside done with a flat black, then he wants the whole wheel covered with a clear. I’ll do the black then remove the masking, here is my question, do I leave the... Read More »

Opening a Powder Coating Business – What to consider first?

What it takes to get started powder coating really depends on what your goals are. It’s quite possible to powder coat in your garage with hobby equipment and put an acceptable finish on your motorcycle frame, etc. It’s difficult, however, to turn that into a profitable powder coating business. It all comes down to what your definition of a successful powder coating business is. Do you ... Read More »

Plans For A Powder Coating Business In Your Future ?

You can get a complete powder coating package. Each one of our powder coating packages includes a powder coating oven, a powder spray booth, a premium powder spray gun and comes with additional options based on your budget and requirements. Best of all, these all inclusive powder coating packages come with no hidden fees, lots of extras and fast lead times, so you will get all the equipment you ne... Read More »

Did You Know ???

Did You Know ???

Direct -Fire Units……. For the vast majority of finishing applications, direct – fired units are superior. They are more fuel efficient because all of the heating energy is directly transferred to the air supply. This also gives them a much faster temperature rise. An indirect-fired unit can be more costly in the long run because it’s heat is reduced and has to be replaced a... Read More »

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