Powder Coating Class- SEATS ADDED

  Our March 24th and 25th powder coating classes have SOLD OUT and we are still several weeks away.  We are happy to announce that we have spoken to the hotel and were able to book a larger room, thus allowing us to add more students.  Here’s what attendees will get:

Here is what what you get:

  • Friday class room training at a 4 star hotel in the Nashville, TN area. Friday training typically lasts around 7 hours.

  • Friday training includes pretreatment, choosing the right powder chemistry, how guns work, the technology behind booths and ovens, codes, selling and marketing powder coating services, and much more!

  • Saturday morning “Hands-On” training at an functional powder coating shop – BRING A PART TO COAT!

  • Free copy of a Powder Coater’s Price List – learn the market average for pricing jobs!

  • Special discounts on powder coating equipment and consumables.

  • 2 days of socializing with others who have either walked or are walking the same path you are…..INVALUABLE NETWORKING EXPERIENCE!!

  All classes are taught by Joey Golliver personally.  He has trained thousands from around the world in the art of making money powder coating.  When asked why his approach is different than the rest, Joey says this:  ” I’m successful at it for one main reason…..I’ve walked in your shoes!!  I’m not an engineer or a “tech guy” who services equipment for a living.  I’m also not a guy selling sandwich bags of powder out of his garage.  I’ve personally done over $50 million in the industry.  Does that make me hands-down the smartest guy in the industry?  I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve made mistakes that cost me literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars!!!  The positive to that is that I can help you learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.  It’s all about shortening your learning curve and helping make you a success!”

  If you’re unable to make the March class, April 28th and May 19th are also available but will sell out quickly.  For more details on the class and dates, click here www.powderx.com/training

  And remember, for all your coating equipment needs, we sure to visit https://powderx.com



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