Opening a Powder Coating Business – What to consider first?


What it takes to get started powder coating really depends on what your goals are. It’s quite possible to powder coat in your garage with hobby equipment and put an acceptable finish on your motorcycle frame, etc. It’s difficult, however, to turn that into a profitable powder coating business.

It all comes down to what your definition of a successful powder coating business is. Do you want to make enough money to pay the bills while working full time at another job or are you looking to start a $20,000 – $50,000 per month business that will become a full time venture? Both choices have merit and neither choice is for everyone. You need to sit down and paint the picture of what your future looks like 3 years from now. How large of a powder coating business do you choose to own? What type parts will you be coating? How many people will be working for you? How much money will you pay yourself? What will your business reputation be in the community?

Once you clearly define what your end results should look like, it’s easy enough for reputable companies like Powder-X to create a custom solution for you. Together, we can decide what size oven and powder containment you need, how you will clean and pretreat the parts, and what sort of gun set up will you need. It will also be very important that you take advantage of the hands-on training so you can hit the ground running and lessen the mistakes. Time and mistakes are money and you want to be sure to take advantage of every tool possible that helps you make more money.

Keep in mind when deciding the path to follow with your business that price and value are VERY different. Do not create a business that is based soley on being the cheapest. You want to create a situation that gives the customer the most for their money, thus the best value. You are creating a top level business and no smart business person buys based on price alone. Let your competitors sell an inferior service for a basement price while you offer quality at a good value. Their business will never survive in the long run and you will reap all of the rewards.

Would you drink a gallon of milk that someone sold you for 10 cents? Probably not because you assume there’s something wrong with it. The same goes with your business. You can buy very cheap inferior equipment and supplies from online auction sites or somebodies garage, but you can’t create quality results with inferior components. You also have to be VERY CAREFUL that the equipment and supplies you are purchasing are from reputable companies and will pass all the codes required by your local authorities as well as your insurance company. You would be amazed at how many products have very slick ads and websites that are actually illegal to operate in many areas. By the time you figure out that the items don’t work, it’s already cost you thousands of dollars. It’s a mistake that most companies can’t financially recover from. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You are making decisions that affect your future and the future of your family. Don’t make them lightly.

Finally, make sure to find the correct resources. From this, I mean the right people. There are plenty of sales people around, but how many of them are an actual resource? Once the check clears the bank, how much help can they provide you 6 months down the road? What about 5 years from now? Can they answer the hard questions and give you details or are they simply reading from a script? Finding the right resources can be the difference in a business that fails and a business that changes your future. Surround yourself with those that know what they are doing and can shorten your learning curve. This includes accounting and tax support, equipment for your business, job costing, sales and marketing support, and basic business advice. The more you can depend on others to help, the more quickly you can start to reap the benefits of owning your own business.

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