Powder Coating Instructional Courses

Onsite training at your location

Need additional training for your business?

  Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the new tasks that are NOW required in order to create a profitable business? Do you need a hand in getting your employees trained to operate in the most efficient manner? Trying to get your business pointed back in the right direction? 

Receive hands on training from the top trainers in the industry : 

  • Learn the latest techniques ,tips and tricks to save you time and money.
  • Discover the secrets to complete jobs in a more efficent manner.
  • Turn your staff into true assets to your bottom line. 
  • Quit giving away profits by using outdated and inaccurate costing matrix. 
  • Take advantage of 1 on 1 time that allows you to ask all your questions in the privace of your own facility.

  Who are we?  We are Powder-X. Our training staff teaches hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world every year on how to open successful, profitable powder coating businesses. Powder-X is featured regulary on SPIKE TV on such shows as MuscleCar, HORSEPOWER, and TRUCKS. We have also been featured on Red Baron Choppers and Inside Drag Racing.   Our staff worked with NASA on methods for powder coating part of the space shuttle and has trained on military bases around the world.  Our training classes are typically sold out months in advance and have been offered only at our facility - Until Now !

 Because of the exclusivity of this training and the limited number of qualified trainers available, demand will soon outweigh our ability to fullfil training needs.  To receive more information and get your name on the list immediately click below or call our offices at 888-326-4840.